Maldon District Issues and Options Consultation


7.1 In the 2017 Local Development Plan the Vision was set out as follows:

The District's unique heritage and countryside will be protected by maintaining high design standards and adhering to the principles of sustainable development. Over the Plan period the District will grow sustainably to meet objectively assessed housing needs, taking into account environmental and infrastructure constraints. This approach will maintain the quality of life for the community and ensure the delivery of new affordable homes and infrastructure. It will also protect our local services, provide for our District's business needs, and retain the identity of our villages.

Growth will be concentrated in the most sustainable, accessible and appropriate locations taking into account constraints and the need to protect valued local countryside. The District's strong associations with the coast and our natural, historic and built heritage will make it a location of choice for people, businesses, day visitors and tourists. We will ensure the sustainable growth of the tourism sector by protecting our designated sites, internationally important wildlife, our estuarine environment, salt marshes, unique heritage, beautiful countryside and picturesque towns and villages. Our economy will be based on a highly productive skilled workforce ensuring success in the local, national and global economy. Maldon Town will be a focus for regeneration in order to ensure its continuing success as the District's main economic, social and cultural hub.

7.2 This vision was originally created in 2014 and though as set out above the issues within the District have not altered significantly, there has been a global pandemic and the impact that has had on both the national and local economy, a change of emphasis and direction for the Council, moving climate change higher up the corporate agenda. Affordability and the delivery of housing has become a higher priority and there is now a greater national emphasis on building beauty into development. Therefore, it is proposed to amend the Vision for the review of the LDP to reflect the global, national and local issues and line the Vision up with the issues in the District. It is also proposed to set the vision out more clearly and succinctly so that success can be measured more accurately against it and the delivery objectives.

7.3 A proposed amended Vision is as follows;

By 2043 Maldon will be a district with;

1) A commitment translated into local action which adapts to and reduces the risks of climate change, including supporting the transition to a low carbon economy.

2) A network of sustainable, inclusive and healthy communities where all residents are able to enjoy a high quality of life, and where new housing and economic development balances the needs of communities, the economy and the environment.

3) A diverse and competitive economy which supports the existing employment base but also delivers growth opportunities across a range of sectorsthat reduces the need for out-commuting, attracts and retains people of working-ageand raisesoverall levels of aspiration and attainmentfor young people.

4) A high-quality environment that protects the special merits of the District, particularly the historic environment, open landscapes, protected natural environment including nationally significant areas and unique biodiversity and geodiversity.

5) Joined-up infrastructure in the right place and at the right time to increase overall connectivity, accessibility and mobilityfor the needs of both residents, business and visitors.

Issues and Options Consultation Questionnaire