Maldon District Issues and Options Consultation


8.1 To achieve the Vision of the Local Development Plan it will deliver the following objectives.

8.21) A commitment translated into local action which adapts to and reduces the risks of climate change, including supporting the transition to a low carbon economy.

We will;

  • Ensure that new development will be as energy efficient as possible in its design, materials and local energy sources in order to reduce emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases.
  • Reduce the impact of flood risk, air, water and soil pollution.
  • Ensure new development is water efficient to reduce and mitigate against the effects of climate change and drought.
  • Support development that minimises traffic generation and provides for sustainable transport solutions without compromising the ability of our rural communities who still need to use cars to access essential services and facilities to thrive and prosper.
  • Positively support renewable energy development where it can support the District's move to carbon neutrality and net zero emissions.

8.3 2) A network of sustainable, inclusive and healthy communities where all residents are able to enjoy a high quality of life, and where new housing and economic development balances the needs of communities, the economy and the environment.

We will;

  • Define a pattern of settlements and identify broad areas for growth.
  • Allocate sufficient housing to meet the District`s housing needs to 2043.
  • Increase and support the supply of affordable housing, including affordable home ownership.
  • Provide housing choice through self-build and custom build housing and housing to meet the differing needs of the District`s residents.
  • Develop where possible on previously developed land.
  • Support the work of communities in neighbourhood planning.
  • Ensure that development positively contributes to improving places and spaces for all and that "beauty" high quality and inclusivity is reflected in the design of the built environment.

8.4 3) A diverse and competitive economy which supports the existing employment base but also delivers growth opportunities across a range of sectors that reduces the need for out-commuting, attracts and retains people of working-age and raises overall levels of aspiration and attainment for young people.

We will;

  • Maintain a diverse, competitive and resilient economy, underpinned by an ambitious and skilled local labour force.
  • Encourage business start-up, expansion, diversification and investment opportunities.
  • Encourage development that supports the enhancement of education, skills and employment opportunities for all residents, with a particular focus on those furthest from the labour market.
  • Facilitate the development of rural and coastal businesses and protect and enhance rural community and service provision across the District.
  • Ensure the delivery of regeneration and enhancement of the Central Area (incorporating Maldon Central, The Causeway Regeneration Area and the Leisure Quarter).
  • Protect, enhance and where necessary reinvigorate the town centres within the District to broaden their appeal as attractive places for residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Develop and support sustainable tourism that builds on the unique natural assets of the District's countryside, coast and estuarine location, including supporting accommodation, restaurants and visitor attractions.

8.54) A high-quality environment that protects the special merits of the District, particularly the historic environment, open landscapes, protected natural environment including nationally significant areas and unique biodiversity and geodiversity.

We will;

  • Protect and enhance the distinctive and natural environment which includes the coastal, rural and the historic environment of the District.
  • Improve and manage the natural, historic and coastal/rural environment of the District to ensure that the impact of any development is offset by mitigation opportunities.
  • Support the linking of areas of biodiversity and geodiversity importance to assist in the preservation of habitats and provide an improved network of green infrastructure.
  • Ensure the protection of strategic gaps between development areas and settlements to safeguard their unique character and wider natural landscape setting.
  • Work with owners, partners and developers to conserve and enhance heritage assets and their settings.

8.6 5) Joined-up infrastructure in the right place and at the right time to increase overall connectivity, accessibility and mobility for the needs of both residents, business and visitors.

We will;

  • Work with partners to maintain, improve and co-ordinate public transport provision, and promote sustainable modes of transport and movement where all users feel equally safe.
  • Facilitate and work in partnership with commissioners and providers for the delivery of new infrastructure to meet the needs of all residents, business and visitors
  • Ensure through our development choices we can maximise what infrastructure is provided at the right time to cater for changing demands.
  • Ensure that the residents of new development can safely access education and health services and facilities.

Issues and Options Consultation Questionnaire