Maldon District Issues and Options Consultation


18.1 Climate change is one of the biggest threats that we face both as a district, nationally and globally. Extreme weather events and rising sea levels are more common and the rate of species extinction is increasing. These impacts will affect Maldon District, especially as it does have an issue with flood risk and is rural, with agriculture as one of its main employment sectors. Taking bold and decisive action over the next 15 years (or sooner) will be critical if we are to avoid global temperature rising beyond 2 degrees Celsius, which is identified as a critical level, above pre-industrial levels.

18.2 To this end the Council can in its review of the LDP significantly strengthen its policies in connection with climate change. This however, could come at a cost in terms of how much developers may be able to provide in other funding contributions for infrastructure such as affordable housing, and community funding. One of the main requirements of a local plan is its policies must not make development unviable or unaffordable to build. The Council tests this by carrying out a viability appraisal on all its policies. In connection with climate change the Council is interested in the following questions;

Issues and Options Consultation Questionnaire