Maldon District Issues and Options Consultation


22.1 The Government define sustainable transport as "any efficient, safe and accessible means of transport with overall low impact on the environment, including walking and cycling, low and ultra-low emission vehicles, car sharing and public transport". Promoting sustainable transport in new development can have multiple benefits - these include reducing traffic congestion, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving air quality, and improving both physical and mental health.

22.2 Though, Maldon District is rural in character, it does not mean that some rural settlements do not have access to services and facilities in towns and larger settlements. The Council is supportive, in principle, of how it could integrate the 15/20-minute neighbourhood concept into the planning for growth, recognising however, that this is not practicable in some of the District's more rural locations. Most of the District has access to a reasonably regular bus service with shopper and commuter benefits and the District has four train stations all with access to London and regional connections, via Wickford.

22.3 Aside from the A12 and A414 both outside and inside the District, the road network is generally provided on lower-order B and C class roads. Whilst not comparable to some of the larger urban locations like Chelmsford and Colchester, this could be seen as a positive feature because it adds to the character of the District and is part of the attraction for those residents and visitors who seek a quiet rural idyll. However, some settlements find they have little or no footpath provision running alongside their rural roads, which can deter people to walk to services for safety reasons.

22.4 The current LDP sought to provide the following highway and public transport infrastructure to support the growth in the LDP, linked to Strategic Allocations throughout the District, which continue to remain relevant:

  • North Heybridge Relief Road (part of North Heybridge Garden Suburb);
  • South Maldon Relief Road (part of South Maldon Garden Suburb);
  • Upgrades to B1018 Langford Road/ Heybridge Approach and A414 roundabout;
  • Improvements to B1010 and B1021 junction in Burnham on Crouch;
  • A414 Oak Corner and Spital Road junction improvements;
  • Eves Corner Junction changes in Danbury; and
  • Passenger transport improvements in South Maldon, North Heybridge and Burnham on Crouch.

22.5 In developing the LDP Review, it will be important that consideration is given how the above schemes can continue to be catered for and any additional highway and transportation impacts that any new spatial strategy and policies may lead to and the appropriate mitigation to minimise these impacts.

It will also be important as to what other initiatives should be exploited to help improve access and transport in the District, including complementary measures such as developing place-based Transport Strategies to manage various competing demands for road space, parking and public transport in specific areas more effectively and in a coordinated manner; securing a District-wide Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan (LCWIP); and investing in project development such as the Department for Transport's Restore Your Railways Ideas Fund that could support the introduction of new movement corridors to support model shift.

22.6 The Council intend to commission a Highways and Transport Modelling Study that will help evaluate the impacts and test the mitigation necessary to reduce the impact. This will include reviewing appropriate opportunities to promote sustainable transport modes and a shift in people's behaviour of how they look to travel in the future, including a greater take-up of active travel choices (such as walking and cycling), reviewing any significant impacts from new development on the capacity and congestion on the transport network, any issues concerning highway safety and mitigation costs.

Issues and Options Consultation Questionnaire